Science and Society

The purpose of science is to help us obtain a better understanding of the world around us. It is to explain phenomenons in such a way that makes tackling them more feasible and allows us to build on our knowledge. Not only that but it also serves as a mechanism to help us improve on on the shortcomings present in our society.

The episode from Rx for Survival illustrated the influence culture has on scientific research. In the US, we may be preoccupied with technological advancement such as of the creation of prosthetic limbs that will allow individuals to perform tasks that require fine motor skills. Meanwhile, India is focusing on reducing the amount of child deaths by educating households on how to treat dehydration and other countries are simply attempting to make healthcare more accessible to the public. The impact that society has on scientific advancement is undeniable.

I strongly believe that science arises from society and that  there are definitely benefits in all scientific advancements however, their value varies from region to region, depending on the prevailing issues in their society.

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