Science and Society

When science is brought up into conversation is usually about the latest advancement that took place in a lab. It is difficult sometimes to broaden the view of science and to realize that it doesn’t just appear in the form of vaccinations and infectious diseases. Science is all around us at all times, and some of life’s most beautiful moments can be explained by it. Two of the Ted Talks that we watched were accompanied by miraculous videos about the beauty of life and the world around us that sometimes go overlooked in the quest to find the latest development. The Hidden beauty of Pollination and the Conception to birth visualized illustrate the true wonders that science brings. These videos were amazing not just in the sheer miraculousness of it but in the way that it can make you appreciate what is all around you. Lots of times people take nature and natural life processes for granted and assume that they will always be there. This view poses serious threats to our society such as global warming or the extinction of keystone species that are by definition immensely important to an ecosystem. I think these videos were vital in allowing us to step outside of ourselves and what is now our technologically based world and recognize the things that truly allow us to be here on this planet. This leads into another point about the true beauty of the world around us. Ever since viewing these Ted Talks I have dedicated more of my time to watching nature documentaries that allow me to explore different forms of life in all sorts of environments. And it is this type of exposure that not only helps me appreciate nature and life, but feeds my hunger for learning outside of the classroom.

One intriguing aspect that can be taken away from these various documentaries and Ted Talks is the ability that science has to bring people together from all walks of life. We see this in both the episode of Delivering the Goods from the PBS series Rx for Survival and in the Ted Talks. It is obvious to see the joining together of society in the PBS episode which showed examples like the BRAC organization and the fight against AIDS in Thailand. These are pretty prominent examples of a single scientific phenomenon that effect entire societies. Many of these ideas to improve the well-being of the people living in these areas are started by single individuals and spread all over the region or country inspiring more people to join in on the effort to help each other. While the Ted Talks are not as large scaled as the organizations they still have an effect on the overall society. These Ted Talks spread the word about various topics and bring people together that wouldn’t otherwise be in contact. This congregation of people who share different belivs on a topic is a perfect way to spark change and progress within a society.

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