Meeting At a Crossroads


Often times when science is mentioned, images of people in white lab coats with their goggles swishing the contents of a graduated cylinder comes to mind. Laboratories are located in locked facilities where there is only a few have special access. However it is that isolated work in those laboratories that science has the opportunity to be shared with the rest of the world.

Public health is something I have recently been gaining more interest in. When people think of doctors, immediately they think of the long amount of education that is required along with the sizable paycheck that comes along completion of studies. However public health has shown that there are more opportunities for doctors to reach those who cannot find basic care for themselves. Public health, from what I understand and what I hope to believe, has the mission of caring for those who don’t have the available resources, educating people how to provide basic care for themselves, and reaching the unreachable. Doctors Beyond Borders does amazing work and I believe when people are out in the field as they are, without all the equipment and luxuries of technology, people are tested in their abilities. There is more reliance on their senses, there is more emphasis on remembering all the knowledge they have gained. In Taiwan with Mr. Mechai Viravaidya, he emphasized the importance of knowledge and awareness. Science seeks to move us forwards but we cannot do that when people are being left behind. Public health I believe is one of the driving forces that will continue to help those who have not had the opportunities for better resources some time to catch up.

Ellen Jorgensen in her Ted Talk emphasizes the importance of the right type of information being sent out. CRISPR has recently the buzz throughout the biology community of its ability to break a genome and insert a new piece of DNA between. It has been advertised as a simple and cheap process, one that Ellen Jorgensen believes to be the flashier side of CRISPR. This has caused much false hope in many people as they believe they can simply go and have CRISPR work on them. However she believes that the type of information that should be shared should be to learn about the technologies so that we, the public can guide the development of the technologies.

Science needs to be shared by those who do the research to the public while the public has the responsibility to learn and gain the knowledge about the work being done.

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