Consequences of Science

 Juan Enriquez’s “What will Humans look like in 10 Years” Ted Talk was a very interesting video that explores how science is impacting the way humans look. He states that today, prosthetics are getting integrated in many parts of the human body such as bone, skin, and even muscle. The fact that a prosthetic can for a symbiotic relationship with the body is fascinating. 200 years ago, who would think that we would be able to place and object in our body that can function a specific body part? As he mentioned, the future may consist of the ability to take your own gene cone and remake your own body parts. Although I think this is something that can help the human species, it can also affect society and how people view themselves. In society, science has the ability to help us in a way that can improve our lives in a positive way. We can use science to find cures, find efficient methods, and learn more about the world. However, we tend to forget that science can also influence the way humans view themselves. People today are finding ways to alter themselves in order to follow the “standards of beauty”. Plastic surgery is used by many celebrities to perfect their image and to appeal to their audience. In many cases, many people try to find ways to get a cheap plastic surgery, resulting in fatal consequences. Once there is a way to change genetic codes, people will try to find ways to change their own bodies in a drastic way. In addition, they will try to change the way their offspring will look like. In essence, science has its own consequences and there is no way to change societal views.

Enriquez also mentioned that we can change genetic codes in order to allow humans to live on other planets such as Mars. This can definitely help us learn more about space and possibly find new life around us. Maybe in the future, humans will find a way to live on other planets other than Earth and form a new society. However, I don’t think immortality should be something that should be discovered. Gaining immortality would become a competition which can result in arguments between people. I think we should use science to not just improve our lives, but to improve the lives of future generations. The goal should be to keep the human species alive by using science to our advantage. Watching these videos made me realize that to every science advancement comes a consequence.

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