The Intersection between Biology and Society

Some of the most beautiful creations are produced by life. At a caliber that even humans can’t understand, biology extensively shapes our world. The intricate systems that make up our world are carefully designed by nature to be advantageous. It is this process that gives color to our world. The TED talks by Louie Schwartzberg showed a beautiful arrangement depicting various flowers, one of the most beautiful creations of nature, and the pollinators that dance around these flowers.

Everything about nature mystifies me. I have always had a deep fascination for human life in particular. Everything that makes humans function. From the systems that pull us through everyday life to the very cells that allow us to function. Every bit about the human body is carefully crafted to complete an important task. Just look at the sophistication in the circulatory system. This system makes sure that enough blood and oxygen are supplied to every organ in a human body. In order to do this, the arteries and veins need to be really precise and detailed in order to reach all of those areas. When those systems malfunction, that’s when we truly come to see the value of each individual piece. That’s what we try to learn from. Different advancements in biology take these details and work with them. 

CRISPR, a concept discussed in a TED talk by Ellen Jorgensen, is one of the many ways that we try to use nature’s example as a basis for research. CRISPR uses ideas and resources provided by nature to alter the genetic code. The implications of such a simple procedure are vast. Similarly, Stem Cell research takes what is known about the way that cells specialize and uses it to find a way to help people with failing organs. All of this research that is being done follows along the lines laid by nature. The more we explore into the Biology, the more we can learn and use to benefit others.

I believe that one of the most marvelous demonstrations of the beauty of nature come from the beginnings of life. When an egg cell is fertilized, the process that the newly created zygote goes through is amazing. Alexander Tsiaras’ TED talk, Conception to Birth, shows different parts throughout that development and beyond. One can only admire the breathtaking beauty of seeing organs like the heart begin to form from a handful of cells. With so much going on, there is bound for something to go wrong and yet nature is prepared even for those mistakes. There is so much that we can learn from this wisdom and experience. I can’t help but appreciate how many years of evolution have resulted in where I am now.

Nature’s beauty is one crafted from years of experiences. Everything about this world we live in is beautiful and just like Schwartzberg said, sometimes you just need to stop to look at the little things to see the beauty all around us.

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