Cost Of Enhancement

Evolution is a natural part of perpetuating a species, unfortunately humans have taken it upon themselves to speed up the natural evolution process, advancing the species through the use of technology. Juan Enriquez’s TED Talk “What Will Humans Look Like in 100 Years?” explored the ethics of technological enhancement alongside its success stories.

This talk was the most interesting to me because the concept has been around for a long time, in movies and games, and is a concept I hope to explore in depth through bioengineering in college, and the talk allowed me to further my understanding of the concept. In my opinion however, the TED talk failed to acknowledge certain aspects of human enhancement that science has an obligation to inform society about; the TED talk focused on how biological enhancement is the key to perpetuating the human race, and allowing for survival in conditions other than on earth, and while this is true, it is necessary to regulate the biological enhancement.

While necessary for the perpetuation of the human species, it as all of evolution, comes at a cost. Dependence on technology for enhanced strength and mobility, limits that of the body, causing muscle atrophy as the machine does most of the work, and can affect the ability to think for ones self in a similar fashion. The reliance on technology not only limits voluntary actions, but innate ones; reducing exposure to pathogens and the environment, reducing the efficiency of bodily functions. Voluntary enhancement also diminishes the priority on the advancement and survival of humanity, and creates a more commercial focus.

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