Bye-rus? More like Hi-rus

The idea that humans are descended from apes has been emphasized in many classrooms thanks to Darwin’s theories and discoveries. However, because of the lack technological advances during his time, he knew nothing about mutations and genetic sequences. To Darwin’s surprise, we can now say that we are descended by viruses. Not only do the endogenous retroviruses play a role in our current DNA, but they have also shaped the organisms we are today. As stated in the article, we could have been human laying eggs in 2017.

I found it very surprising that scientists have found ways to revive dead viruses from our own DNA. Although these viruses have not been active throughout various years, we can now bring them back to learn more about medical problems faced today. It can help scientists find a cure for HIV: a cure that would decrease deaths in various countries. The fact that the revival of a virus can impact the human race in a positive way is mind blowing due to the negative connotation viruses are given.

The article tries to emphasize the fact that without retroviruses, we wouldn’t be the humans we are today. Many organisms would have different characteristics if it weren’t for the virus.  Mammals would have not developed a placenta!

Although the revival of dead viruses prove to be beneficial, I still believe that it is a very risky thing to do. Yes, the revival of dead viruses can most likely help scientists find a cure for HIV, but there are many things that can go wrong. Curiosity can lead humans through a path in which we desire the best for human beings, but forget that we aren’t the only organisms on the planet. The revival of a certain virus might help humans, but might also affect different organisms in a negative way.

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