What surprised you most about the profession of an Environmental scientist, as described by the lecturer?

What surprised me most was how much of his life being an environmental scientist took over his life. He talked about trying to save the taimen fish and how he spent 3 years in their territory of Mongolia. They had very little food or water during their studies, so they were surviving off the entirety of sheep and ox milk – spoiled and unspoiled. He had to live where his work was taking place in order to do the work,  so this shows me that this man really needed to be committed and loved his job if he was willing to sacrifice his home, family, and friends for years at a time. However, the way he described his work made me believe that it was not a tasking profession, and the real struggle was adapting to the environment he was trying to save or change.

A few of his facts also surprised me, such as that there are only 500 Bengal tigers left in the world, or that the way they saved the taimen was by encouraging people to come and hunt these fish. It seems ironic, but it was a successful approach.

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