The Blending of Fields

The presenter gave 3 or key messages in his lecture. He talked about the nescesity of having mental and well as manual competence, take on the opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, have a passion for improving things, and you must apply what you learn.

I really liked how the presenter didn’t say you need to know what field of science you want to go into and stick with it, because there is a lot of blending of the fields, and you may later on find that you are more interested in the Biology of Animals than Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Phychology. On perhaps the assignment you are carrying out requires you to change fields. For instance, a lady was really interested in compost, then she wanted to look into information about food waste. Then she had an idea about producing Butanol from food waste. This lady went through different lenses of school.

A quote I remember from my psychology book is that, “Everything biological is psychological.” In Biology I see references from Psychology and vise versa. 

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