Why Does It Matter?

Who cares about the taimen?” Let’s all be honest, we were all thinking this when we saw that beautiful fish. However, the question that you should be asking is “Why not?” I mean, sure, the taimen isn’t the most attractive fish in the sea (they actually live in rivers, but you know), but does its physical appearance really matter? Just imagine, what if you were a taimen? What if, hypothetically, for the rest of your life, you were a taimen?

*insert transition music*

Wow! You are now a taimen! How exciting! Well, actually, no. There is such a large possibility that you will die at a young age due to the trophy hunting that taimen are subjected to when certain people don’t obey the hunting laws. Or perhaps you will be lucky enough to be re-released into your home after you were caught? Either way there might be even less taimen in the waters, since the numbers keep on dwindling. So, let’s say you have amazing survival abilities, and you live a pretty long life. Unfortunately, you are all alone because you could not find a mate (because there are not that many taimen in the wild), and because you could not reproduce, meaning that you would not be able to pass on your traits, and that your traits will not be perpetuated… Gosh darn. Eventually, all you will become is history. No one will remember what you look like.

*insert transition music*

Why does it matter? Well, it matters because humans are driving a species to extinction yet again. Every day, we try to conserve species, but nonetheless, we end up failing. Helping the taimen keeps the taimen’s prey in check, and thus, we keep the ecosystem in a state of balance. We have to keep the ecosystems functioning properly. It’s not just the taimen that we would be helping, but also the ecosystem.

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