Difference Between Locals and Foreigners

What are the differences between locals and foreigners with regard to their attitudes toward a certain environment, and how does that affect the wild life there?

Darron Collins hit on this point multiple times in his lecture, and considered it one of his main points. He talked about how locals respect their immediate environment and know so much about it. This makes sense, because locals have usually spent a majority of their life in that one place, especially the small villages that he talked about in his presentation. Who better would understand the environment and all it has to offer than those who have experienced it the most? This is why the locals are those we should listen to and learn from when we visit new places. Foreigners on the other hand, usually cause more harm than good to these environments. They are most often using them for their own means without thinking about the effects theirs actions will have. For example in Africa, Lions became endangered because wealthy Europeans and American were coming and shooting for prized lion heads to display in their homes. Darron Collins faced a similar problem when he was faced with saving the endangered fish the “Taimen”. What they found were that these fish were going extinct because foreigners were flying in by helicopter to fish for sport and take home their prizes. Once this was banned, and the locals were put in charge of roles to ensure the fish safety, number began to skyrocket. This is simply proof that locals, if given the opportunity, can take care of their environments better than most because they are more familiar with it and respect it.

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