Would you have the guts to do what Darron did?

I personally could never do what he did. He spent 5 months in Mongolia trying to figure out why taimen were going extinct. He spent all of that time in the wild and had to prepare his own food, so he would slaughter sheep and eat the meat. I don’t have enough determination to do that. However, I wish I had the guts to do that. Darron saved the taimen because he had the guts.

Taimen are huge, scary fish that can be dangerous for a human to be around. Darron studied the area in which a large amount of taimen lived and talked to the local people to determine how to solve the problem. He found that there were helicopter tracks near the water and realized that Europeans would hunt taimen and hang their skulls up on their walls to prove that they hunted the big, bad taimen. This is the reason why taimen were going extinct. I don’t think I would be smart enough to put the pieces together and find the reason for their extinction, but I’m glad Darron did. Darron then started a trend of people taking pictures with the taimen and then throwing them back in the water. This works for everyone so that people can take pictures and look cool but also the taimen can still live. The tourists that came to take pictures with the taimen also helped the local community by becoming an economic benefit.

I wish I had the guts that Darron has because he saved a species which is really cool. I am glad that there are people out there that save animals that can’t save themselves. Darron is a hero.

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