What do you think was unique about Mr. Collins’ journey to President of College of the Atlantic and what can you take away from it?

I found Mr. Collins’s speech very interesting and engaging. I especially enjoyed his stories about field work for the WWF. What really struck me was his journey. He began as a kid who was just very interested in wolves. That doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a career, but through his interest in wolves, he found the field of ecology and got involved with the World Wildlife Fund. I thought all of his stories about working with the river in Northeast Asia were fascinating. The way that he and his team were able to solve their problem of trophy fishing was really impressive. That was something very different from what he thought he would be doing at first, but it was something he became very passionate about and really loved.

What I learned from Mr. Collins was that a single passion, in his case wolves, can lead you to a field of work with an entire world of opportunities and experiences. If you have an interest, it can open doors to so many other things that you will probably enjoy and become passionate about as well. This especially resonated with me because I am not sure of what I would like to major in in college. However, I am passionate about quite a few things and I really hope they can help guide me to something I will be very interested in and come to love just as they did for him.

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