What have I learned about the relationship between the environment and humans?

I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the presentation and it really informed me on exactly what people are doing to help endangered species. He did a good job of stating what he believed caused problems in the world. Through his research and studies, he believes that problems in the world are rarely just technological, they are social as well. The example he used was the fishing in Mongolia. These fish populations were being depleted because the social standard for wealthy men from Russia and other neighboring countries was to catch these fish and bring them home as trophies. Other things he learned was that the local people have the best knowledge of their land and that is significant because that means that sometimes you need to interact with the people from other cultures to truly find out what is wrong. One cannot rely on theories and numbers alone. In his work to protect species he learned that protecting a species equates to protecting a whole environment. He believed that this is what makes the world a more interesting place. I think one of the biggest takeaway messages that he presented  was that there are too many factors to give an answer to the question of which species would we try the hardest to save. What I learned from this presentation about the relationship between humans and the environment, is that there are many different ways that we can harm or improve it. We need to recognize the harmful ways so we can take measures to prevent it from getting any worse and we need to put in effort to support the ways we can better our environment. It’s the only choice we have because this is the only Earth there is.

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