Darwin’s Surprise

When I first started reading this article, I was incredibly confused. We had always learned in biology that we evolved from apes, and all species evolved from the Universal Common Ancestor. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the idea that were aided in our evolution by something non-living. After reading the whole article, I am in awe of these findings. Scientists are always thinking of new research projects to better our understand in various biological fields, but to think about how our DNA is made up of some viral DNA is beyond me. Where I got confused was the discussion of HIV. I would agree that by trying to better understand HIV we could possibly find a better treatment, but I do not see how reconstructing other retroviruses can aid these findings. Each retrovirus is unique and therefore requires a unique treatment. I think that if scientists were able to break HIV down into separate pieces like the ancient retroviruses they would be able to find the treatment they were looking for.

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