The Universe Within

From the very beginning of the lecture, I felt like I was in a mash up of my earth and space class, and biology.  He talked about rocks, but then he talked about life and evolution. Explaining how once the earth was once organized differently. It was because of those difference that some fossils could only be found in specific places. Some how, all those rocks fossils, compounds, and elements, rolled into one nice little package called the universe. He related this all to our sleep cycles. He talked about how they had found a gene for sleep cycles and in general a biological clock, in both flies and humans.  He pointed out how that means at one point we had a common ancestor we never knew. A human and a fly connected through the universe. My favorite part of the lecture was when he explained who the “Harvard Computers” were. It was incredible to think of those 12 women making important contribution to science.   

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