The Universe Within

In the talk “The Universe Within”, Neil Shubin talked about the connections that have been formed between us and the rest the universe during our development and the development of our ancestors. That were are all made up of recycled materials from past stars. One of the examples he gave was the human natural sleep cycle, our circadian rhythm. When not disturbed by light humans have a little over a twenty-four hour sleep cycle, this is about the same amount of time it takes for the earth to complete a 360-degree turn on its axes. The earth’s orbit around the sun and the earths turning on its axis has had affected the human sleep cycle and is a piece of the universe inside of us.
I also really enjoyed the question and answer portion of this talk. The questions people asked showed what they had though was the most interesting or important point of the talk. It is great to hear all those points of views at the end. This talk, though later out shined by “Are we the last Neanderthals”, was extremely interesting and did clearly show connection between the universe and us. It is really cool to imagine just how intertwined we are with something so vast and limitless.

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