Neil Shubin – The Universe Within

I thought that Neil Shubin’s presentation was absolutely amazing. I found his style of presentation completely engaging and, combined with the content, I thought it would make a perfect Ted talk.
The first portion of his presentation actually reminded of a Neil Degrasse Tyson quote, in which he responds to the question “What is the most astounding fact about the universe?” Here is a link to a graphic interpretation of his response (this website is also pretty awesome in general) I thought that this quote ties in very well with Shubin’s point about the universe either making you feel very small, or very big, because it is a part of all of us.
The part of Shubin’s lecture that really inspired me was right at the beginning when he talked about discovering the flat-headed fish that served as an intermediate between fish and animals that could walk on land. Evolution has always been my favorite part of biology, and to hear about how Shubin discovered the exact intermediate fossil that he was looking for was fascinating. I have always wanted pursue a career based around biology, but I had limited my options to something in the medical realm.
Hearing about Shubin’s discoveries and research has made me consider other professions in biology – specifically involving environmental science, evolution, and ecology.

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