Neil Schubin — The Universe Within

Behold the Universe Within

I found the concept behind Neil Schubin’s talk fascinating. He spoke about seemingly unrelated topics, like his love affair with rocks, fish, the universe, fossils, internal body clocks, fruit flies, ice, and the Cold War. Then he managed to tie them all together, connecting the way our bodies behave to the cycles of night and day, the Big Bang Theory to the fundamental particles in us, and fish to humans. So many aspects of how the universe behaves are mirrored in the organisms that inhabit earth. The details that Schubin provided were interesting on their own, but together they created the greater picture of the interconnected nature of all things, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of awe. I created a collage in the shape of a human, made up of images of many of the separate topics Schubin touched on. He summed up his lecture with this statement: “Science has removed us from the center of things to a corner, but in doing so, it has connected us.” I wanted to capture this idea in my collage. As human beings, we occupy only a small niche of all that there is in the universe, yet its great expanse is reflected within us.

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