Zoobiquity Response

I have been around animals and have had pets for years, but before listening to Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, I had never thought about how animals and humans are susceptible to the same illnesses. When pets get sick and die, we do not necessarily take them to animal hospitals to understand what the cause of death was. We bury them and move on. However, just like humans, animals have illnesses such as depression, diabetes, cancer, and even eating disorders. In fact, I am fairly certain that one of my dogs has an anxiety disorder, because every time she hears a sudden noise, she barks and hides.
Yet for some reason, doctors who treat only humans are more respected in our society than those who treat all animal species. Natterson-Horowitz discussed how in the medical field, there is a hierarchy among doctors which places M.Ds at the top and D.V.Ms at the bottom. She hypothesized that it would be beneficial if physicians were educated in animal studies as well, because many illnesses can be traced back to having originated in an animal species. I personally believe that it would be more beneficial to include more veterinarians in biological research teams. This would allow for physicians to remain concentrated in specific departments while also enhancing the communication with vets.

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