Being an avid Animal Planet watcher, the idea of Zoobiquity was not entirely new or surprising. However, many of the more detailed cases such as, self-harm and eating disorders, were very surprising.   The interviewing format of discussion was refreshingly different then a normal lecture, but went far too fast.  Being that medicine as a whole is such a big topic, it is understandable why it had to go so fast, but I would have still wished we could have spent a bit of time on actual cases the two authors uncovered.  The case that stuck with me was the case of a bird that would gorge itself on fermented berries. The birds were addicted to the alcoholic properties of the berries, then would be “drunk flying”. When the researcher opened up the birds, many had gorged themselves so much they had berries going all the way up their esophagi. I knew that some animals like hedgehogs were attracted to similar substances, because they coated their quails as a measure against the predator, these birds simply did it because they were addicted.  There was not enough time to really discusses the benefits of this way of thinking, but imagine if we could some how help those birds? Then we can help humans to using similar techniques! That is what Zoobiquity is all about!

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