The presentation by the authors of the book titled Zoobiquity was of particular interest to me because I have always wondered about what really makes the difference between humans and animals. I learned that in medicine, there is almost no difference. Animals suffer the same diseases as humans do, including having the same reactions to emotional stress such as cutting and eating disorders. These examples were very shocking, but what was most surprising for me was the fact that animals are capable of addictions and purposeful intoxication. This research shows that we still have a lot to learn about the animal kingdom and makes me wonder whether there is a difference between us and our animal companions at all. Perhaps if we did not know about these capabilities, we might not be aware of animal metacognition?

I was also fascinated by the part about scientists often using mice as subjects for tests on cancer, but it turns out that dogs can provide much more accurate data because the environment in which they live is the same as ours.

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