Tracing Our Ancestors

Tracing Our Ancestors by Rick Kittles was about using DNA to disprove the fabricated idea of race. He is a professor of genetics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and participated in the PBS series “Finding your Roots”. Most of the presentation was about looking at how all humans come from different regions of the world, but that everyone has traits deriving from Africa and sometimes other places as well – dare I say blurring the lines between races.

The idea of race was something invented only a couple hundred years ago and I, as well as  Kittles, believe that it was no biological or scientific significance. Especially now, as people have to self-identify themselves as belonging to a certain race for the purpose of the Census, they have a difficult time choosing one thing because they technically belong to many races and not all people believe in the “one drop” rule.

As our society is changing, so is the idea of race and perhaps one day it will mean only one thing – the human race.

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