Froggy Went A Courtin’ by Diane Ackerman

This was a very awkward speech, and I do not think I was mature enough to be in the audience.  Diane Ackerman, in her own way, touched upon the similarities in mating rituals between the animal kingdom and humans.  She began with a poem about a “hot” penguin, and her penguin very interested penguin suitor.  She brought up the analogy of a typical dinner date.  Something that we all consider a very human quality.  The candles, flowers, and wine all seem too sophisticated to be seen in the animal world; however almost all animals exhibit this kind of behavior.  It is done to prove to a possible mate that he (the male) is a good is a good provider and will be able to raise their offspirng, should they mate.  While men as usually the pursuers, it is women that do the choosing.  This is known as sexual selection, and is something we learned about during the Evolution/Darwinian unit.  Women look for a mate with food genes, health, hardiness, and wealth, because this will ensure that her offsprng will have a good start.  Diane Ackerman oftentimes related this to a man luring in a woman with the size of his wallet.  She also spoke of very explicit things that we usually think of as human, but are very often seen in the animal world.  I realized that there are way too many similarities between us and animals; which means that we are not much better than we once thought we were.  We share so many things because we are part of the animal kingdom, and all the things that drive us to eat, sleep, mate, and thrive are all just biology.

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