A Universe Within- Neil Shubin

I found this lecture to be extremely interesting in terms of how Neil Shubin was able to connect things that have occurred in the universe or things that are made from the universe to human beings. For example, the transition from water to land was essentially embedded inside of us which allowed us to live in the environment we do today. I learned that the physical matter that we are made up of are shared with the elements that make star formations which shouldn’t be much of a surprise since the atoms released from the big bang are what compose us. The fact that the dynamic universe has shaped us and the connections both within and outside of us demonstrates how we are somehow related to the universe in ways that we never knew. This all relates to biology because the sole purpose of it is to study living organisms and how they live and interact with the environment. This lecture explains how humans interact with their environment as a whole and how it has had an affect on them in terms of how they have adapted. The circadian rhythm or biological clocks are proof of this and how our body run on a 24 hour cycle which was discovered by a french geologist in 1962. This circadian rhythm allows us to carry out genetic functioning and allows us to carry out daily functions such as cellular respiration.

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